Specialist of the copying of paintings


For ten years, we at have been working on asserting our image as the best specialist in France for the copying of fine arts masterpieces. Using excellent-quality oil paints on linen canvas —and their fair share of expertise and talent— our team of artists rub shoulders with the greatest masters of all times, so that you would enjoy your personal favorite in the comfort of your living-room.


With over 9,000 references in our catalogue, we bet you will find the gem that will talk to your heart —whether it is a renaissance portrait or a modern abstract piece— or simply elegantly match the colors of your interior. However, if you still do not find the painting you are looking for in the catalogue, do not hesitate to call us as we will be delighted to assist you (in our French-tinged English!) and add your painting to our list. We love to hear your ideas.

Social workshop

Do call our workshop! Just dial this number at all times: +33 6 21 71 49 46. Use the contact link on this site or find us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.


The same Brushstrokes the Master gave

We sell Art - so we want our copies to match the quality of the masterpieces they depict. We would not want to waste the skills of our painters with poor-quality materials. Our oils are the finest, they are the very same pigments the great masters used in their times. They have high lightfastness to ensure colors will not fade, turn yellowish or crack, and their textures allow using impasto and playing with light through actual relief and volume.

The paintings

The canvas we use is linen, as it is sturdier than cotton. We adapt the coarseness of the weave to the type of painting you have chosen —some need to have a smooth, shiny finish while others demand the canvas texture to come through.

Rolled up or Pinewood stretche

We usually ship our paintings rolled up in a bespoke tube, as this has proved safe and reliable. In some cases we offer to mount your canvas on a pinewood stretcher. This is recommended for thick paintings which might be prone to cracking.


Framing we can do as well, if required, but we keep the service minimal, with two simple options you can choose from: either a simple moulding frame or a canvas floater frame. Feel free to email us to should you require any other frame, we will find a solution.
Should you have a nice empty frame you would like to employ, though, please contact us to let us know its exact dimensions, as we should be able to fit a painting of your choice into it. A new life for an old frame… a whole new picture!


Keen as we are to shorten your wait, we at need as long as four or five weeks for complex orders to be completed (portraits are among those, as flesh tones are especially tricky), and at least one week for an abstract piece. But the result is definitely worth the wait.


Art made to Measure

You get to choose the size of your painting: not all interiors can be home to very large paintings, but it does not mean you have to give up on your dream of owning a Delacroix or a Jericho ! Just choose the width/length of your painting, we will adjust its length/width in keeping with the proportions of the original.

Personal quote

Conversely, if there is a section of a masterpiece that you happen to especially like, we can « zoom in » on the detail and make it a painting of its own, according to your dimensions. Do contact us for a personal quote!

Feeling inspired

If you think your wife is so pretty she should be in a picture, why not put her in a Monet, alongside those lovely ladies with parasols? Be inspired, mix the genres, send us photos and make great art your art. We will listen to your ideas most carefully, and be thrilled to fulfill your dream. If you have family pictures you cherish, whether they depict your loved ones or a familiar landscape, turning them into paintings might be just the right idea to make them more personal —as you can change their sizes and hues— and more durable. You’ll be amazed by the skills of our artists!

Free advice

You can ask our artists for advice on color matching and home decor. They will be happy to join you at your home and share their views with you. Do contact us for a personal quote.


Another original service we provide is what we like to call the « happening ». To infuse your parties or special events with an artistic atmosphere, offers to send a painter to your home for the duration of the event. The artist will paint live, drawing his/her inspiration from the ambiance of the party. Naturally, you get to keep the art pieces at the end of the night. Good memories, great souvenirs.

The engagements

Quality or refund, your unconditional satisfaction

What if you don’t like your painting? Well, we will definitely try again! Or you will get a refund, no questions asked. We aim to please!

Payment is safe

You can either use Paypal (which is the simplest option for our overseas customers), or a credit card or bank transfer.

Custom packaging

Our logistics teams pack your canvases carefully and tailor-made to ensure that your order is shipped safely.

Security and on-time delivery

Our carrier Colissimo is committed to delivering your works properly protected and within the announced deadlines.