Our workshops

For ten years, we at montableau.com have been working on asserting our image as the best specialist in France for the copying of fine arts masterpieces. Using excellent-quality oil paints on linen canvas —and their fair share of expertise and talent— our team of artists rub shoulders with the greatest masters of all times, so that you would enjoy your personal favorite in the comfort of your living-room.

Nos ateliers

Hand-painted for more Pleasure

Contrary to most of our competitors whose products are high-quality digital prints on canvas, our painters are skilled and talented artists, who follow their own artistic path on the side. They all have their own style, but when it comes to copying a masterpiece, they strive to reach perfection : they will give the best possible rendering and convey the authentic glow of the painting you have elected.

Just Name your Masterpiece!

With over 9,000 references in our catalogue, we bet you will find the gem that will talk to your heart —whether it is a renaissance portrait or a modern abstract piece— or simply elegantly match the colors of your interior.

However, if you still do not find the painting you are looking for in the catalogue, do not hesitate to call us as we will be delighted to assist you (in our French-tinged English!) and add your painting to our list. We love to hear your ideas.

Do call our workshop! Just dial this number at all times: +33 6 21 71 49 46
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