Art made to Measure

You get to choose the size of your painting: not all interiors can be home to very large paintings, but it does not mean you have to give up on your dream of owning a Delacroix or a Jericho ! Just choose the width/length of your painting, we will adjust its length/width in keeping with the proportions of the original.

Personal quote

Conversely, if there is a section of a masterpiece that you happen to especially like, we can « zoom in » on the detail and make it a painting of its own, according to your dimensions. Do contact us for a personal quote!

Feeling inspired

If you think your wife is so pretty she should be in a picture, why not put her in a Monet, alongside those lovely ladies with parasols? Be inspired, mix the genres, send us photos and make great art your art. We will listen to your ideas most carefully, and be thrilled to fulfill your dream. If you have family pictures you cherish, whether they depict your loved ones or a familiar landscape, turning them into paintings might be just the right idea to make them more personal —as you can change their sizes and hues— and more durable. You’ll be amazed by the skills of our artists!

Free advice

You can ask our artists for advice on color matching and home decor. They will be happy to join you at your home and share their views with you. Do contact us for a personal quote.


Another original service we provide is what we like to call the « happening ». To infuse your parties or special events with an artistic atmosphere, offers to send a painter to your home for the duration of the event. The artist will paint live, drawing his/her inspiration from the ambiance of the party. Naturally, you get to keep the art pieces at the end of the night. Good memories, great souvenirs.