oil paintings

The copyists


Arnaud is from Bordeaux and Paris. He is passionate about painting and sculpture, inspired by Cubists and surrealists’ and contemporary artists, but also Italian artists from the Renaissance. Arnaud collaborates with for precise and bright colourful paintings. Well-balanced and detail oriented, he authentically recreates original masterpieces from catalogue.


Artist and accomplished sportsman Rémi is a self-taught contemporary painter that combines lines and colours for surrealist and modern paintings, creating pieces very similar to reality. Well-known specialist of live painting, Rémi assists Montableau on media events creating generous and vivid paintings.


Artist, painting professor with technique and precision, Firouz, is always meticulous in his art. When painting with his artwork is detailed and strong in character. Specialized in impressionism and pointillism his art reproductions are always applauded.

Our workshops

For ten years is the French specialist of copies of oil paintings, hand painted, on linen...

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