The same Brushstrokes the Master gave

We sell Art - so we want our copies to match the quality of the masterpieces they depict. We would not want to waste the skills of our painters with poor-quality materials. Our oils are the finest, they are the very same pigments the great masters used in their times. They have high lightfastness to ensure colors will not fade, turn yellowish or crack, and their textures allow using impasto and playing with light through actual relief and volume.

The paintings

The canvas we use is linen, as it is sturdier than cotton. We adapt the coarseness of the weave to the type of painting you have chosen —some need to have a smooth, shiny finish while others demand the canvas texture to come through.

Rolled up or Pinewood stretche

We usually ship our paintings rolled up in a bespoke tube, as this has proved safe and reliable. In some cases we offer to mount your canvas on a pinewood stretcher. This is recommended for thick paintings which might be prone to cracking.


Framing we can do as well, if required, but we keep the service minimal, with two simple options you can choose from: either a simple moulding frame or a canvas floater frame. Feel free to email us to should you require any other frame, we will find a solution.
Should you have a nice empty frame you would like to employ, though, please contact us to let us know its exact dimensions, as we should be able to fit a painting of your choice into it. A new life for an old frame… a whole new picture!


Keen as we are to shorten your wait, we at need as long as four or five weeks for complex orders to be completed (portraits are among those, as flesh tones are especially tricky), and at least one week for an abstract piece. But the result is definitely worth the wait.